JIRA is perhaps one of the best known and best-loved issue tracking and project management tools on the market today.  While it’s early adopters are very definitely from the Agile Software Development area, it’s adoption rates have increased dramatically in many other areas, since its launch back in 2002. JIRA has grown up into a healthy fifteen-year-old teenager!  With a product as mature as JIRA, it’s no wonder that it currently ranks as the most popular issue management tool on the planet.

How to connect Confluence with JIRA

Edit the page where you want your JIRA data to appear, then select the JIRA Issues Macro from the Macro Browser. Follow the Macro prompts to connect your JIRA report with your Confluence page. Note: You may need help from your own Confluence or JIRA Administrator to properly link the two applications. 

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If you are looking for high-quality Confluence Training, which is aimed at giving you the best outcome, and not simply what all the buttons do, then you need to look at our Making Confluence Work Course.  Designed by our senior instructor, and industry professional, Ken McHardie, this course will take individuals and teams of all sizes from beginner to competent user.  Not only will you learn the fundamentals of Confluence, you will learn best-practices, which will meet all of your documentation and collaboration needs.

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Our Making Atlassian Confluence Work course is designed to provide a great outcome for any business that has selected this great product.  All too often, Confluence is seen as a tool that can be used with little or no training on best practices.  Well, this is true, but only to a certain extent.  Case study after case study has proven that when a core set of best practice principles are understood and followed by organizations using products such as JIRA and Confluence, the outcome of the organization’s information management is vastly improved.  When all of your team members have access to inexpensive, and high-quality Confluence E-Learning, such as our Making Confluence Work Course – why would you not take it?  Mind you, we are biased, and we’re also proud of our course.  Our mantra is simple. At LearnByCartoon, we provide entertaining, professional level elearning that is designed to engage the learner, and never bore them. When attention is maintained, learning results are vastly improved. It’s just that simple.



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