How it works

How Cartoon eLearning Works

Our eLearning cartoons engage both lobes of the brain, mixing logic and language, with storytelling, rhythm, and imagination. When attention is maintained during the learning experience, better learning results are achieved.

If you’ve used traditional e-learning before, you may have discovered a common problem. After a while, it can become rather boring. This leads to poor results. Science shows us that the reason for this is that different areas of the brain specialise in different tasks. Traditional E-Learning, where you watch a screen recording, while listening to an instructor, engages mostly with the left-lobe of the brain. The left lobe deals with linear thinking, facts, logic and words. Boredom occurs when the right lobe of the brain is not also engaged. The right lobe deals with feelings, imagination, rhythm and storytelling.

To deliver truly effective online learning requires balancing the left and right lobes of the brain, engaging them both, simultaneously. In other words, mixing logic and language, with storytelling and imagination. This is where we come in… Learnbycartoon doesn’t deliver E-Learning, we deliver cartoons! Cartoons are fun, and engage both the left, logical side, and the right, creative side of the brain, simultaneously. This maintains attention, making learning easier and more effective. It’s a simple trick, but it works. is a Division of Appware Studio Pty. Ltd.