Attention is KING

Atlassian Confluence TrainingLife is continual series of cause and effect.  You cannot escape it. Many organizations using flexible collaboration tools, such as #Atlassian #Confluence either skip effective best-practices training or train only a few key people to a high level.  With no best-practices framework to follow, individuals and teams head off in different directions. This can have a seriously negative effect on the organization’s information management.

For software such as Confluence, classroom-based training, and Skype-based Instructor-led sessions have proved popular. However, this training can be expensive and time-sensitive,  which limits uptake. There are many screen recordings around, but these seldom spark the imagination, rending most ineffective for teams.  Today, in this digital world, the most valuable commodity is people’s attention.

I pondered these questions one day while sitting in a yet another Corporate Office writing yet more Corporate training material.  I decided there must be a better way to do things, which was concise, entertaining, and cost-effective.  This is why I built Confluence is our first course, but more are on their way…

Maintained Attention Delivers Better Learning Results. 

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