Atlassian Confluence TrainingThe Space Permissions page is split into two sections, which are: Licenced Users, and Anonymous Access. The Permissions page shows what groups and individual users have Permission to carry out various actions in this space, from simply being able to view the Space, to editing content.  The Space Permissions page also contains a Restricted Pages tab. By clicking on this tab, we can see a list of Pages in this Space, that have Restrictions Applied, if there are any.

Licenced Users

At the top of the page is the Licensed Users section. This section affects everybody who has a Confluence User ID to access our Confluence Site.  The Licensed Users section controls Permissions for groups, and individual users.

Anonymous Access

At the bottom of the page is a section that is rarely used by most organisations. This is the Anonymous Access section. When Anonymous Access is enabled on a Space, this means that visitors, who have not actually logged into Confluence, could access this Space, using only the web address, and an Internet browser. Although in some organisations, there may be technical issues to consider, before Anonymous Access will function. Examples of uses for allowing Anonymous Access to a Space, are for things such as using Confluence to create a Customer Support, or Information Portal. The Online Help System for Confluence is an example of one of these. When you press the Help key inside Confluence, you are redirected to the Confluence Online Help and Documentation Site, which is on the Internet. If you look at the bottom of the screen you’ll notice that the support site is actually powered by Confluence.  This is what we mean by Anonymous Access.

  • Using Anonymous Access is rather rare, so don’t be surprised if this is not enabled in your own organisation. However, if it is used, anonymous access visitors could come from either internal or external sources.  They could be distant colleagues from different parts of your own organisation, or they could be external visitors from the internet, for example your customers.
  • Enabling Anonymous Access is normally only done after support and consultation with your organisation’s Computer or IT Department.  There may also be technical and data security issues to consider.
  • In most cases, Anonymous Access will be completely disabled.

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The Groups Section shows us which groups of confluence users, have been given or denied certain Permissions in this Space. It is far easier to manage Space Permissions using groups, on a single line, than it is to manage dozens, or more individual users. However, creating or managing group names, or adding or removing team members to groups, can only be done by the Confluence Site Administrator. The Confluence Site Administrator is a person, or a group, usually from your Company’s IT Department who is in overall control of managing your Confluence Site.

  • The group named Confluence Users, literally means all confluence users.
  • The membership list for this group contains literally all of the Confluence Users in your company.

As Confluence is a Collaboration platform, it is not unusual to allow All Confluence Users access to a Space, however, they may have greatly reduced Permission to carry out various actions inside the Space.

Atlassian Confluence Space Permissions

Who is the Space Administrator?

  • In the Permissions section, ticking the Space Admin checkbox will give the parson, or group, Space Administration rights (to access Space Tools, and Space Permissions) for the Space.
  • The Space Administrator might also be a Contact person for the Space.
  • They are usually a  person with an in-depth knowledge about the contents, or subject of the Space, or the Team who owns it.
  • The Space Administrator has access to Space Tools for the Space.

Page Restrictions

A padlock symbol can be found on top of every single page and Blog Post in Confluence. The Padlock symbol is the Page Restriction indicator.

The Page Restrictions Padlock symbol has three possible settings:

  • Grey and open, means there are no Restrictions on this page. In other words, this page is unrestricted. Space Permissions will apply to the page.
  • Red and locked.  This means there are restrictions applied to this page. The Restrictions set for this page will always override the Permissions set for the Space itself.
  • Red and open. There are no Restrictions set on this page itself, however, there are Restrictions that this page has inherited from a parent page. Child pages always inherit any Page Restrictions that are set on the Parent Page. This makes Restricting groups of Child pages really easy.

Confluence Page Restrictions

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