Atlassian Confluence is great out of the box, but you can enhance the functionality of Confluence even more by adding specialized Confluence  Templates, Blueprints or Add-Ons. To get more Confluence Add-ons, jump across to the Atlassian Marketplace for a quick look at what’s available.
To get to the Marketplace, navigate to, or search for Atlassian Marketplace using google. Once in the Marketplace, navigate to the Confluence section.

Confluence Add-ons

There are literally hundreds of Add-ons and templates available that will enhance your Confluence site. However, when searching, it’s important to search for Add-ons that match the type of Confluence installation that you have. In the Hosting section, make sure to select your Confluence installation type. Some of our favorites, include the Team Calendars Add-on. This provides a truly team, or space focussed calendar application, that works for entire teams. The Questions for Confluence Add-on is fantastic for leveraging the collective knowledge of colleagues, across your entire organization. This Add-on will find the answers to any questions, and build a category structure around these organically, as questions get answered. It will also help identify experts in different areas. For some organizations or requirements, the Questions add-on will deliver better results than the more traditional knowledge base. If you have a need to draw flowcharts and technical diagrams, then there are several options available. Each one with a strong user base. These Add-ons offer the same level of functionality as many more well-known tools, but they make it available to your entire team, in a format that fully integrates with Confluence. If you need more spreadsheet-like features, such as pivot tables, and generated charts, then the “Table Filter and Charts” Add-on might be worth considering, or other popular add-ons from Developers such as the Bob Swift company.

Confluence Themes & SharePoint Connector for Confluence

Atlassian Confluence Blueprints

If you are lucky enough to have Confluence installed on your own local Server, then you can go even further with customization. Many organizations use themes for Confluence, to turn Confluence into a professional looking Intranet. Just search for the Word “theme” to see what’s available. Any of these themes will bring fantastic results, by placing a visual wrapper around all of your Spaces, based on their Categories. Many themes also bring drag and drop styling to your Spaces, and the main Confluence Dashboard. There are many more Add-ons available, plus Page templates and Blueprints, that offer specialized Page designs, and automated workflows.

If you have a specific need that’s not met out of the box, then you’ll probably find it on the Confluence Marketplace. Have a look around, and as always, enjoy and have fun!

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