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Navigating Around Confluence
Navigating Around Confluence
7:54 min. FREE!
Extend Confluence with Add Ons
Extend Confluence with Add Ons
2:37 min. FREE!
Site Design Concepts & Spaces.
Site Design Concepts & Spaces.
8:56 min.
Better Collaboration. Your Profile & Settings
Better Collaboration. Your Profile & Settings
4:37 min.
Easy Collaboration & Networking
Easy Collaboration & Networking
8:26 min.
Page Editing - Part One
Page Editing - Part One
11:22 min.
Page Editing - Part Two
Page Editing - Part Two
11:18 min.
Page Templates & Blueprints
Page Templates & Blueprints
5:54 min.
The Power of Labels
The Power of Labels
6:38 min.
Space Directory Management
Space Directory Management
9:23 min.
Security Explained
Security Explained
8:51 min.
Advanced Search
Advanced Search
4:11 min.
Easy Task Management
Easy Task Management
10:09 min.
Working with Files & Attachments
Working with Files & Attachments
8:57 min

Atlassian Confluence Tutorial – 14 Episodes / 2 hours total

Our Atlassian Confluence Tutorial is perfect for teams or individuals.  Learning online should never be boring, and with our Cartooned Instructors, it never is.  Learn Atlassian Confluence best practices quickly and easily with our unique cartooned Atlassian Confluence Tutorial.  Our Tutorial Cartoons are fun and engage both lobes of the brain.  We mix language and logic, with rhythm and storytelling. This maintains attention, improving learning results.

Atlassian Confluence is one of the best-known Documentation and Collaboration tools for teams. Confluence can be downloaded and installed on your own Server, or it can be accessed from the Atlassian  Data Center, using their Cloud-Based offering. The Cloud option is perfect for teams and organizations of any size.   If you just want to get up and running with Confluence as quickly as possible, with no technical hurdles to cross, the Cloud option allows for immediate access, from anywhere.  All that is required is an internet connection and a browser.

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Confluence Tutorial Episode 1

Atlassian Confluence is one of the best collaboration and documentation platforms available.  Our course will take you from beginner to competent user in no time at all.

  • Explore the Global Sidebar.
  • Discover what’s happening using the All Updates & Popular Feeds.
  • Reduce team email, through Comments & Likes.
  • Organise your work-life with the Recently Worked On, Recently Visited, and the Saved for Later.
  • Find content in the Space Directory.
  • Explore a typical Confluence Space.
  • Understand the layout of a typical Space Sidebar.
  • Set up Your Profile & Settings to boost Team Collaboration.
Confluence Tutorial Episode 2

A Confluence Space is a sub-site or mini-site within Confluence.  Through lack of basic knowledge, many people create Spaces and Space Directories that are confusing for users. Our course will show you the best way to create Spaces that work for you and your whole team.

  • Learn expert tips for designing your Confluence site.
  • Gain a clear understanding of what Confluence Spaces actually are.
  • Learn how to build Confluence Spaces most effectively.
  • Create a Space Directory that works for your team and colleagues.
  • Gives details on all of the default Space Templates that are shipped with Confluence.
  • Plus tips on how to structure your Spaces effectively.
  • Focusing on the user experience to bring the best results.
Confluence Tutorial Episode 3

Creating your full Confluence Profile, just like FaceBook or Linkedin, boosts collaboration. This is important, when often, people only meet online.  A good personal profile can help your colleagues find you, understand what you do, and collaborate better with you.  This makes working life easier for everybody.

  • Learn to update your Personal Profile.
  • Add your Contact and Email Details.
  • Add your Picture or Avatar.
  • Change your Password.
  • We explain all the Emails Confluence will send you, and show you how to switch them on or off.
Confluence Tutorial Episode 4

Our Confluence Tutorial ensures that everyone on your team begins to use Confluence in the same way. This saves a lot of time and confusion for everyone.

  • Learn to use the Network features. Cut through the noise to see what is most important to you at a glance.
  • Reduce Email, and increase discussion – through Comments and Likes.
  • Share Page Content with colleagues.
  • Bring people into discussions, using @Mention.
  • Watch Page Content, Attachments or Spaces, and be notified when they are updates.
  • Explore your Assigned, Dues and Completed Tasks in the Notifications Workbox.
  • Control the System Email that you receive.
Confluence Tutorial Episode 5

Follow our example, as we set up a typical Project Space.

  • Our Space will be used by three teams for Collaboration.
  • Follow along as we build a Collaboration Space that works with our Space Directory.
  • Learn about Space Template selection.
  • Explore Page Templates, and build different types of content within the Space.
  • Understand Blogs for Team Communications.
  • Introduction to Basic Page Editing.
  • Become confident when Editing Pages
  • Learn about Page History and how it makes page editing non-destructive.
  • Reorder your Pages to build a Space Navigation Structure.
  • Introduce Parent and Child page structure, which makes working with groups of pages easy.
Confluence Tutorial Episode 6

Become more confident with Page Editing in Confluence. Take a more in-depth look at Page Editing.

  • Start using the Editing Toolbar buttons.
  • Learn about Page Layout best-practices.
  • Explore Section Layout and Column Layout.
  • Follow along, as we look at Tasks Lists, and explore some useful Macros.
  • Take a glance at Page Restrictions.
  • We’ll get you started with Page Editing with more confidence.
Confluence Tutorial Episode 7

Confluence Spaces are containers for related content.

  • Spaces can include file attachments, and many types of wiki-page content.
  • We will explore the default Page Templates that are shipped with Confluence.
  • You will understand what you can create, out of the box.
  • Gain a good understanding on how Pages work.
  • Go further, and design your own Page Templates.
  • Build Page templates designed for your own team, and your own Spaces.
  • Share your own Page Template Designs with Colleagues in specific Spaces, or across your entire Confluence Site.
  • We will also discuss Page Blueprints, which are advanced Templates (not for the average user).
  • You can find advanced Page Blueprints on Atlassian Marketplace.
Confluence Tutorial Episode 8

Confluence Labels allow teams to link together content, stored in different Spaces. Labels cross the boundaries between Spaces. Labels can look right through all of the content, stored in your Confluence site, and show you exactly what you need. They function much like Twitter #hashtags.  In this episode, we will work through a typical multi-team scenario.

  • Using Labels correctly is one of the best habits your Team can have.
  • Confluence Labels will benefit  your team, and your whole organisation.
  • Learn how to attach Labels to pages and attachments. Take a look at some key Macros for working with Labelled content.
  • Bring together Tasks, on multiple Tasks lists, on multiple Spaces, into one report.
  • Use Labels in Advanced Search.
  • Understand the use of Labels in many Confluence Macros.
Confluence Tutorial Episode 9

Everything begins with creating Confluence Spaces. This is a fundamental part of Confluence – that you must get right. Communicating to your colleagues what your Space contains by Categorising your Space correctly will help everyone.

  • We take a look at the default Space Templates available.
  • Learn how to select the right Space for you needs.
  • Need a Private Space? We will show you.
  • Categorise your Space correctly.
  • Build a great navigation structure for your Space Directory that works for everyone. Categorising Spaces helps everyone to find what they need, quickly, and easily.
  • Get the basics right and the rest will follow.
Confluence Tutorial Episode 10

Confluence Security is robust, yet simple. The three main components are: User Groups, Space Permissions and Page Restrictions. Learn all you need to know to become confident with Confluence Security.

  • Learn what Anonymous Access actually means, and why it’s usually switched off (on most sites).
  • Make managing Space Permissions easier by working with groups and not individual users.
  • Collaborate with your Confluence Site Administrator to create Confluence User Groups for your Spaces.
  • Understand the three types of Page Restriction settings.
  • How to identify Page Restriction type, by looking at the Page Padlock symbol.
  • Get into the habit of using Parent and Child nesting. This makes moving or restricting entire groups of pages easy.
Confluence Tutorial Episode 11

Most people have gotten used to ‘google-search‘ and take these habits into Confluence. This could waste a lot of time in fruitless searching. What  you need to find, in your Company site, might not be the most popular search result. In this episode, you will learn to use Confluence’s Advanced Search features.

  • Save time by finding the Content you need quickly and easily.
  • Incorporate Labels into your Search.
  • Access the Advanced Search features, in the Search Results page.
  • Use Confluence ‘fuzzy searching‘, or ‘proximity searching‘.
  • Find content that ‘sounds like‘, or ‘is close to‘  what you want. Perfect for those times when you’re not entirely sure of correct spelling or phrasing.
  • If you just need a refresher, look at your Recently Viewed Pages.
Confluence Tutorial Episode 12

Confluence includes some very clever, yet simple tools that make managing complex tasks a breeze.  Confluence can also make your meetings more productive, by crowd-sourcing your Meeting Agenda, and generate real Tasks from your Meetings.

  • Assign and track your Tasks.
  • Break down complex Tasks into simple chunks, using the Tasks list.
  • Place Task Lists on any pages, and link them using Labels.
  • Manage your own Tasks from the Tasks page.
  • Assign Tasks to others, and keep track of when they are completed.
  • Use the Tasks Summary Macro to find related tasks across multiple Spaces.
Confluence Tutorial Episode 13

Learn how to upload and manage files centrally in your Confluence Space, using File Lists. Alternatively, upload and attach files directly to Pages, as Attachments.

  • Get to know the Attachments paperclip icon.
  • Make your Page Attachments more prominent on the page, or make attachments interactive. Edit Office Documents, directly from your Confluence page.
  • Understand how Confluence maintains Version Control for all attachments.
  • New version of an uploaded file? Just upload it – and let Confluence manage the older version. Never lose any previous version of an attached file.
  • Learn what you need to know. Upload Files, and update them, with confidence.
  • Explore SharePoint Connector for Confluence.
  • Learn about the Macros that help you find Attachments in your Space.
Confluence Tutorial Episode 14

Confluence is great straight out-of-the-box. There is also a vibrant Marketplace for Add-ons that will make your experience even better. Some very powerful Add-ons are free!

  • Need more Spreadsheet features? You got it.
  • Flow-charting for your entire team – of course!
  • Take your Confluence experience from good to great in just a few clicks.
  • Want a terrific looking Intranet – based on Confluence?  Look at one of the many themes available. Themes will put a graphical interface around your Confluence Site, giving a professional, pleasing look and feel.
  • Your visitors will not even know that it’s running on Confluence!
  • Join us, and explore some worthwhile Confluence Add-Ons.

Our Course Designer Ken McHardie, has over 30 years of IT experience, ranging from Software Programming and Design, through Information Management, Technical Writing, and Instructional Design. Ken has experience in setting up and administering Confluence in large organisations, as well as many years of experience in Corporate Data Management.

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